Summer camp photo software that delivers

Waldo has come to camp, and he’s packed his amazing photo tech in his trunk, including:
  • Facial recognition powered mobile delivery
  • Camp admin dash with camper photo tracking
  • Highly-rated iOS and Android apps
  • Matching photo alerts via text & app notification
  • Brand filters & auto-hashing of photos
  • Free Web Gallery (if you “heart” a scavenger hunt)
  • Unparalleled tagging, analytics & security

How it works:


Camps that trust and love Waldo

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Every summer, Waldo brings his trunk full of whiz bang features to camps from coast to coast.


Free Online Gallery. Unparalleled Security.

Parents who would still like to search for their camper’s photos (some people still like a good scavenger hunt) can access Waldo’s best of breed free web gallery product. Lightning fast. Mobile responsive. And features three levels of optional security.


Camper photo coverage dashboard

Waldo-fied camps enjoy the visibility of how many photos each camper has been captured in and how long it has been since they were photographed.


Fun and friendly photo alerts

Every time photos are matched, Waldo sends a fun text message or notification, keeping the photo delivery fun, conversational, and camp-friendly.


Powered by facial recognition

Your families submit a selfie of their camper and get notified every time they appear in your camp’s photos.


In-app branding filters

Make it easy for your camp families to share their camper's photos with your branding with options to include your logo on photo downloads, social shares, and more.


Introducing the CamperCollage

Your families can pick their 5 favorite camp moments in the app and create their own camp branded 5-photo 8 x 10 collage. Includes a camp selected backdrop and brand overlay. Drop shipped to their homes or printed at camp. We think it is cork-board worthy, e.g. year-long memories. Check out an example here!


And the Waldogram

Parents can now send their camper a high quality postcard via the Waldo app. Mailed USPS or printed at camp for next day delivery. Parents can customize their stamp with a camp photo and an emoji. I know, super fun.


Stream photos to families

Your camper families can invite up to six other family members to receive real-time notifications and photo delivery of their camper. Photo sharing has never been easier and faster!

Separator - Camper Waldo

Let's Waldo-fy your camp!