Waldo helps you deliver school photos to families automatically — in just 3 simple steps.

Parents upload a selfie of their student

Your families upload selfies of their students via the free Waldo app.

Waldo finds photos of students

Using facial and jersey recognition technology, Waldo matches photos of students automatically.

Photos delivered to delighted parents

Matched photos are delivered to parents in near real-time via text or the Waldo app.


Why Schools ❤️ Waldo


Built for schools, Waldo’s free photo management solution allows schools to collect and organize more photos in less time. Easily invite parents and teachers to securely contribute photos to the school’s gallery.


Waldo's security features have been built to solve the unique challenges schools face in today’s digital world. From access to publishing controls and AI-powered removal of sensitive photos, Waldo reduces liability and gives schools peace of mind.


Waldo’s proprietary matching system organizes photos by student, utilizing facial and jersey recognition — and can deliver them to parents in near real-time during and following your school’s events. Parents never miss a moment, bringing sheer delight to your families.


Turn your Picture Day into an easy and productive fundraiser

Simplify your Picture Day by letting Waldo do all the sifting, sorting, and delivering of photos for you — and keep 80% of photo sales as funds raised!


Deliver Graduation Day photos to parents in near real-time

Employ Waldo to automatically help you deliver photos to families in near real-time, allowing them to sit back and live the moment.

Facial recognition at a youth sports game

Facial & numbered jersey recognition

Waldo matches photos of students and automatically delivers them to their families. No more digging through albums for hours on end — Waldo does it all for your families!

Mobile delivery in near real-time

When a matched photo of a student is found, Waldo delivers it through text or the free Waldo app in near real-time.


A safer, smarter photo storage

With security features such as mobile pin code authentication, access control list, and controlled publishing permissions, Waldo enables you to collect and share all your photos in a secure environment.

Easy curation for yearbooks

Enjoy a dashboard which automatically sorts your photos by student and streamlines your curation process for your yearbook and marketing efforts.

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A parent sharing a waldo-fied photo on Facebook

Amplify your reach & strengthen your community on social

Photos shared by your families on social media through Waldo will automatically have your school's brand integrated on them. Turn your families into your most powerful online marketing asset, and watch your enrollment grow!

"Waldo has helped us on many occasions throughout the school year. Most recently during our in-service day where staff, parents, and myself were taking photos at multiple locations all around town. I was able to receive everyone's photos, share with parents, and post to our social media all within an hour! Our parents were thrilled!"

— Katsy Joiner, Bracken Christian School

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Waldo-fy your school today!